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Are your breasts hard, warm and tender to touch?

Do you have a tender, red lump?

Are you feeling feverish and unwell?

Breast engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis are very painful and make breastfeeding difficult and distressing.  These complications challenge the continuation of breastfeeding and make caring for your baby difficult. 
Breastfeeding complications are common affecting 20% of breastfeeding women.  The good news is that the majority can be cured so you can continue enjoying breastfeeding and bonding with your baby.
Just remember that although breastfeeding is natural, both you and your baby need to learn how to work it out together!  Help is available!

Common symptoms:

  • Tender or painful hardened areas in your breast

  • Areas of redness or warmth in your breast

  • Flu like symptoms with a fever

Possible causes:

  • Poor attachment

  • Poor breast drainage

  • Poorly fitting bra

  • Fatigue

  • Changes to baby’s feeding pattern

What can be done?

  • We are specifically trained to make a thorough assessment and design a treatment program to meet your personal needs 

  • Chrissie is also a midwife so can advise on improving attachment and positioning to aid drainage of the breast.  She works closely with a lactation consultant as required

  • Therapeutic ultrasound therapy can help relieve your symptoms

  • Education on reducing aggravating factors and self management strategies

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