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Parent Education Sessions

Would you like to feel more confident and empowered for your pregnancy, birth and early postnatal period?

Would you like to have a private class with only yourself and your partner at a time convenient for you?

We offer individual education classes between only ourselves and you and your partner. We therefore specifically tailor the session to your individual needs so you do not waste time on information that is irrelevant to you.  The privacy of these sessions provide you both with a relaxing environment where you will feel comfortable asking questions.
You can choose an appointment time that best suits you and your partner.
Chrissie is a physiotherapist as well as a midwife so uses her unique set of skills to help you and your partner feel confident and empowered during your pregnancy, birthing experience and early postnatal period.  Chrissie has helped hundreds of women birth, including water births, assisting at caesarian sections, breast and bottle feeding advice and postnatal care of mother and baby.
We offer three different classes – you may choose to attend all or just the one that is most relevant to you.


Early Pregnancy 

  • Safe exercise in pregnancy

  • Core muscles – pelvic floor muscles and abdominals

  • Protection of diastasis recti (potential gap down centre of abdominal muscles)

  • Basic exercises – conditioning during pregnancy and for labour

  • Prevention of back, pelvis and neck pain – early detection and some self help techniques

  • Posture correction

Late Pregnancy

  • Active birthing / Stages of Labour / types of births

  • Positioning in labour – care of your back and pelvis

  • Natural pain management – breathing, massage, positioning, TENS

  • Core muscles – pelvic floor muscles and abdominals

  • Basic exercises

  • Protection of diastasis recti including postnatal measurement and management

  • Safe return to exercise


  • Core muscle rehabilitation including pelvic floor muscles exercises and how to use these muscles in life to protect them long term

  • Care of abdominal muscles including measurement and management of diastasis recti

  • Advice on care of perineal stitches (tear or episiotomy), haemorrhoids and painful perineum

  • Safe return to exercise including some basic exercises and stretches

  • Care of your back and neck following childbirth and with feeding or carrying your baby

  • Posture correction of your post pregnancy body and with feeding and caring for your baby

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